North West Bay Ships has a range of designs for both catamaran and trimaran fast passenger ferries in the 20 to 60 metre size band. General arrangements can be tailored to suit specific route, speed and seakeeping requirements of each operator. Designs are available under licence for individual or multi vessel builds, or newbuildings can be project managed to completion.

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Trimaran hull form vessels have been developed and proven over an extensive period to provide a technologically superior hull form and large main deck platform.

Offered as a solution for more exposed, open water routes, trimarans have the benefit of providing an inherently stable platform, with the generous deck space afforded by this multi hull form.

Trimarans’ feature, an easily driven long slender centre hull which contains all drive train machinery. This centre hull is supported by smaller side hulls which provide reserve buoyancy and stability for the passenger platform.

Trimarans are typically fitted with an active foil ride control system with one or two sets of foils extending between the outer side hulls and centre hull above a vessels keel line. These foils can be used to provide lift (at speed) as well as providing a dramatic improvement in a vessel’s motions in a seaway.

The result is a more comfortable ride and a vessel authorized (under DNV rules) to maintain speed in significantly greater sea states than similarly sized catamarans or monohulls.

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