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The sectors where simulators and virtual reality platforms are used

The sectors where simulators and virtual reality platforms are used

In our view, virtual reality (VR) consists of sensory immersion in a new world, based on real or not, that has been generated artificially, and that we can perceive thanks to virtual reality glasses and their accessories (audio headphones, gloves, etc …). The objective of this technology is to create a fictional world that you can be part of and even be the protagonist: seeing a car in a virtual dealership, being the protagonist of a video game or practicing how to do an open-heart operation.

As happened with mobile phones or the internet, the emergence of virtual reality is one of the most important technological changes of recent times. Although we are still not too aware, due to the lack of means to prove it and also due to the current shortage of developed applications (which are increasingly numerous and more complex), virtual reality and its adaptation at the user level will mean a before and after then in the way we consume multimedia content: videogames, movies, sporting events, concerts, documentaries, etc.

Although its most recognisable use is in leisure and video games, tools such as virtual reality platforms have very interesting applications in sectors as different as sports, marketing, industry or healthcare. The videogame sector is where virtual reality stands out the most.

Both the use of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive type glasses, as well as virtual reality platforms, is increasingly widespread among developers and consumers. Thanks to the virtual reality simulators, the player can drive a Formula 1 car in Monte Carlo or disembark at the very beaches of Normandy during World War II.

And all this with an unprecedented immersive capacity, in scenarios recreated with maximum fidelity and free from the dizziness that sometimes happens with the use of virtual reality controls. The high gamification offered by these systems also makes them ideal for improving sports performance.

VR Plus is an excellent provider of services for people looking to try by themselves how much fun and how useful virtual reality can be.

First steps to virtual reality

In 2006, the Wii console revolutionised the way of practicing sport at home thanks to video games such as Wii Sports. Thanks to virtual reality simulators, instead of using avatars, users can move directly to real sports venues, such as gyms or the very streets of New York to practice running.

In this way, users can play sports and improve their health from the comfort of their living room and while competing with their family and friends. Simulators can also recreate the streets of the Big Apple for tourism purposes. Climb the Statue of Liberty, camp in Central Park, visit the Museum of Natural History.

Thanks to virtual reality, users can go anywhere in the world … and beyond? Perhaps the first tourist visits to the Moon will be available through virtual reality!

Virtuix Omni

This ability to recreate any environment and situation makes virtual reality platforms especially useful in the training of professionals in many areas. In real life, how can a fireman prepare in a real fire situation?

There are certain scenarios that are too dangerous or too complex to be reproduced in the physical environment. Virtual reality simulators also allow the generation of tests to improve the productivity of workers, as well as activities focused on teamwork and team building.

In addition, programs such as TwoReality’s Serious Game offer experiential learning tools through interactive role play sessions using virtual reality.

Save lives thanks to virtual reality simulators?

Healthcare is another sector in which virtual reality simulators make a difference. Thanks to these devices, an operating theatre can be recreated to train surgery personnel. The virtual reality platforms also allow recreating sanitary emergency situations, another difficult scenario to recreate in the physical environment.

On the other hand, the ability to simulate real environments offers training possibilities to ambulance drivers. With the virtual reality simulators, you can also optimize the work within the industrial sector.

RV tools offer interactive warehouse management systems

Usability: It is the ease with which people can use a particular tool or any other object manufactured by humans in order to achieve a specific goal.

User experience: A set of factors and elements related to the interaction of the user, with a specific environment or device, whose result is the generation of a positive or negative perception of said service, product or device.

With Virtual reality this is what happens:

The product is usable and also generates a great user experience.

If we achieve this tandem we will be generating unique and notorious experiences for the user, which will return us in a tangible benefit, not only in our brand reputation but in a real medium-term long term benefit.

Through the use of virtual reality glasses in combination with computer software, you can perform a comprehensive warehouse management, 360º from the comfort of a screen.

In the same way, with virtual reality you can also do training in various industrial processes, ranging from working in an assembly line to driving industrial machinery in a mining excavation.

Can you go to the supermarket in your pyjamas and without leaving home? Is it possible to make the monthly purchase without having to queue, without worrying about finding a place in the parking lot and at any time of the day?

The answer is yes, thanks to virtual reality. Virtual reality platforms allow the user to move freely through the aisles of the hypermarket, choose the desired products and, without the need to queue, pay for the products and send them to their home. And all this, from the comfort of the living room.

Finally, virtual reality simulators are an ideal tool for companies to present their new products. Thanks to virtual reality platforms, potential consumers can interact with the product through interactive virtual experiences. In addition, this type of virtual presentations is also ideal for revitalising stands at events, fairs and conferences.

This type of interactive experiences is very useful to attract the public and, ultimately, potential consumers.

If you want to experience virtual reality, here at VR Plus you will be able to do it at a very competitive price!


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